moyu WEILONG V2 3x3 3 Layers Magic Cube Speed Puzzle Cube Black One Cube Bag weilong v2 3x3 3 strati cubo magico velocità puzzle cubo nero una borsa cubo


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【MoYu】 Brand Cube are very popular in cube players for it is fast smooth and professional.It is difficult to POP! The cube can develop childrens' brain.imagination and logic thinking ability.For adults. it can add lots of fun in your life and also release your pressure too.It can not only help the old prevent brain degeneration. but also highly enhance the development of little kids. Can DIY Yourself: -If the cube doesn't fit your style. open the center piece and adjust it with a screwdriver. Package Content: - 1 x MoYu Cube - 1 x Customized Cube Bag
Great Structure Design: High quality adjustable spring. smooth and comfortable rotation.
Comfortable Feeling Size: 5.7 x 5.7 x 5.7 cm.
Get What: 1 x MoYu Cube 1 x Customized Cube bag.
Fast Delivery: From Amazon Warehouse.

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